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Infiltration and Detention Systems for Stormwater Control: An Assessment of Performance

Author(s): Nilo Nascimento; Martin Seidl; Andre Silva; Luciano Vieira

Linked Author(s): Nilo De Oliveira Nascimento

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Abstract: The present paper describes an experiment with two stormwater control devices, an infiltration and a detention trench, carried out in Belo Horizonte, a Brazilian city with2.4 million of inhabitants. The experiments focus on assessing the efficiency of these devices on runoff control and wet weather pollution abatement in the particular context of a city from a developing country, located at a tropical climate environment. The devices receive runoff flow from a 3,600 m2contributing area composed by a stretch of a 4-way avenue. The runoff generated in this road is drained through gutters till an inlet where it is collected and conveyed to the experimental area. The experiment monitoring protocol comprises rainfall, inflows to the devices, storage and water quality monitoring by means of inflow and outflow composed samples: conductivity, pH, temperature, turbidity, total suspended soils, metals (Cu, Ni, Zn, Cd, Mg). The paper describes and evaluates the first hydrologic year of the experiment operation, comprising rainfall events of different characteristics. The performance of the devices is evaluated in terms of runoff control and wet weather pollution abatement for each observed event For the first year of operation, the devices presented acceptable performance and suggest their interest for runoff and diffuse pollution control.


Year: 2009

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