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Hydraulic Study of Stacked Drop Manholes

Author(s): G. Adriana Camino; David Z. Zhu; Nallamuthu Rajaratnam

Linked Author(s): Adriana Camino, David Z. Zhu

Keywords: Urban hydraulics; Stacked drop manhole; Energy dissipation; Numericalmodeling

Abstract: An experimental study was conducted aiming to extend the drop height of standard drop manholes by stacking two rectangular manhole chambers at two elevations. This paper discusses two models of stacked drop manhole, one with offset arrangement and the other with straight arrangement. A broad range of flow conditions were tested paying special attention to the alignment of the opening inbetween chambers, drop heights, opening size and outlet pipe diameter. Air flows were measured in air vents located at the top of each chamber. Computational fluid dynamic modeling was also obtained using a commercial code, CFX. The simulated flow patterns and pool depths were compared with experimental results.


Year: 2009

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