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Vegetation and Shallow Water Hydraulics

Author(s): M. Moradi Larmaei; Tew-Fik Mahdi; Susan Gaskin

Linked Author(s): Susan Gaskin, Tew-Fik Mahdi

Keywords: Vegetation; Numerical modeling; Shallow water hydraulics; Review

Abstract: The most recent numerical studies on vegetation and its effect on shallow water hydraulics are reviewed and discussed. Different methods and strategies are used to resolve the vegetation effect on the flow field and their mathematical implementation and physical interpretation are compared. The most common method, implementing the vegetation effect in terms of a Manning or Chezy coefficient, is briefly reviewed. A detailed investigation is made of the hypothesis of directly inserting the vegetation induced drag force into the model's equations: continuity, momentum and also turbulence model equations. In some cases modifications to these methods are suggested, based on an understanding of the physics of the phenomenon, numerical modeling and the mathematical meaning of the implemented methods.


Year: 2009

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