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Flow Structure at Confluent Meander Bend Channel

Author(s): Shehua Huang, Bin Sui

Linked Author(s): Bin Sui

Keywords: Confluent meander bend, LES, RANS model, bank roughness, outer-bank, secondary flow

Abstract: The estimated influence of bank roughness on outer bank secondary flow is simulated by two CFD codes solving the N-S equations within a confluent meandering bend channel. The first CFD code is based on Large Eddy Simulation. The other code solves Reynolds-average N-S equation. The numerical results from two codes are tested by comparison to the experimental results, which reveal good agreement between the test and numerical simulation. Results suggest that increasing the outer bank roughness strengthens the outer bank clockwise secondary flow cell and decreases the scale of counter rotating secondary flow. Both LES and RANS simulations can predict the large scale of secondary flow near the outer bank in the confluent meander bend channel, but the RANS model fails to capture the small scale secondary flow cell near the water surface


Year: 2017

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