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Basic Study on Applicability of Surface Wave Method in Underwater River Channels

Author(s): Taishi Morita, Shunzo Kawajiri, Yasuharu Watanabe, Yuki Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Taishi Morita

Keywords: Surface wave method, S- wave velocity, N-value, geological profile, under riverbed

Abstract: This study investigates the applicability of the surface wave method for understanding the geological profile of the area under the riverbed. The profile of the S-wave velocity and the N-value are well matched. Therefore, the S-wave velocity near the ground surface in the river zone can be treated as an indicator similar to the N-value, because it provides a reasonable estimate of the geological cross-sectional view. In addition, the quasi-three-dimensional distribution of the S-wave velocity is consistent with the local situation. Consequently, with the use of the S-wave velocity distribution obtained from the surface wave method, it is possible to create the three-dimensional hazard map for riverbed degradation and improve the accuracy of the analysis


Year: 2017

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