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Hydrodynamic Forecast Model for the Singapore Straits

Author(s): W. C. Pang; P. Tkalich; E. S. Chan

Linked Author(s): Pavel Tkalich

Keywords: Forecasting; Sloped boundaries; Hydrodynamic Model

Abstract: A 3-D hydrodynamic forecast model for Singapore Straits is being implemented. The model is based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). To keep up with reclamation activities in Singapore waters, the input bathymetry map is frequently updated using 2-D interpolation routine. The hydrodynamic code has been upgraded to allow for sloped boundaries within the computational domain. The sloped boundaries improve overall accuracy of computed tidal currents as compared with the conventional axis-collinear ones. Usage of particle tracking program for investigation of transport patterns, reveals distinctive3-D features of the Straits. It is concluded that the bathymetry update routine and sloped boundaries provide more accurate hydrodynamic prediction in the Straits.


Year: 2003

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