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Contributions of Waves and Tidal Current on Alongshore Sediment Transport Rate in Bushehr Coast

Author(s): M. Shafieefar

Linked Author(s): Mehdi Shafieefar

Keywords: Sediment Transport; Tidal Current; Littoral Drift

Abstract: A comprehensive study has been carried out to simulate sediment transport around Bushehr port which is one of the most important ports of Iran situated in the north of the Persian Gulf. This port has a long access channel, which suffers from sedimentation. Both tidal current and wind waves have contributions on sediment transport in this coastal area. It has been tried to evaluate involvement of tidal current and waves on sediment transport rate in the region. The MIKE 21 software has been used in this study, which simulates the physical processes of waves, currents and sediment transport. The modeling system consists of noncohesive sediment transport rates in waves and current, and associated rates of bed level changes. This paper presents some results of this study. Comparing sediment transport rates due to waves, tidal current and combination of these two elements, indicates that: the net sediment transport due to tidal current is negligible. However, sediment transport due to combined waves and tidal current is much more than the sediment arising from waves only. This implies that the effect of tidal current on sediment transport should not be neglected in computation of sediment in this area and similar regions.


Year: 2003

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