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Change of Porosity in the Surface Soil Zone of Lagoon

Author(s): K. Ogihara; S. Tanaka; T. Ishida; B. Sarwono; N. Anwar; Anggrahini

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Keywords: Lagoon; Evaporation; Consolidation; Porosity; Tidal motion; Wave action

Abstract: The phenomena in the surface zone of lagoon must be analyzed by combining both hydraulic and soil mechanical viewpoints. Authors have made four physical models on the lagoon those are two hydraulic models for the flow and sediment movement, and two soil mechanical models for sediment which is hardening and consolidating under the tidal motion. 1) In this paper, the authors show the analysis of change of porosity in the surface zone of lagoon under the tidal motion and evaporation. We made two physical models which are the zone of top surface (zone 1) and under the surface zone (zone 2). In zone 1, the sediments are transported continuously by waves and hardening by evaporation of water by sunshine at the low tide. And in zone 2, the deposited materials are compacted by the change of pressure in the void by wave action. And the void in consolidated material becomes smaller by un-reversible effect of permeability of water movement. Our final goal is to present the results of the solution of physical models on four stages of the phenomena, which are, described the former section as hydraulic models and soil mechanical models. But in this paper, only the results of theoretical analysis on the phenomenon on the surface of lagoon on the view points by hydraulics and soil mechanics.


Year: 2003

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