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Wave Reflection from Vertical Permeable Structures

Author(s): V. Karambas Th; I. Avgeris; P. Prinos

Linked Author(s): Theofanis Karambas

Keywords: Wave absorber; Permeable structures; Boussinesq model; Wave reflection

Abstract: An analytical and a numerical solution for the reflection of linear water waves from a vertical permeable structure on a horizontal bottom are presented. The flow resistance inside the permeable structure is represented using the Darcy-Forchheimer relationship. Periodic solutions are matched at the front face of the absorber by assuming continuity of pressure and mass. The friction term describing the energy loss inside the absorber is linearized and, by using Lorentz principle of equivalent work, the reflection coefficient is determined as a function of parameters describing the incoming waves and the absorber characteristics. Numerical solution is obtained using a depth-averaged non-linear wave model based on Boussinesq type equations with improved linear dispersion characteristics. The equations are adapted to describe the wave motion inside the porous structure. Both analytical and numerical results are compared well with experimental data of Requejo et al. (2002).


Year: 2003

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