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Sensitivity Analysis for the Meldorf Bight Hydrodynamic Model

Author(s): C. A. T. Palacio; R. Mayerle; M. B. Toro

Linked Author(s): Francisco Mauricio Toro Botero

Keywords: Coastal hydrodynamic model; Sensitivity analysis; Numerical parameters; Physical parameters

Abstract: In order to enhance the understanding of hydrodynamic processes in coastal areas, numerical models are of good assistance. The accuracy of the simulated flow conditions of the model is strongly dependent on the chosen physical and numerical parameters. In this paper, a study of the definition of the main physical and numerical parameters for the hydrodynamic model of the Meldorf Bight and its adjacent tidal areas is done. A two-dimensional depthintegrated (2DH) flow model was employed. The analysis focuses on the flow processes along the tidal channels where the influence of waves is less important. The variability of computed water levels and velocities at several monitoring points with respect to the computational time step, the grid resolution, comparisons between 3D and 2DH model tests, the open sea boundary condition approach, the wind direction and velocity, the bottom roughness, the eddy viscosity, and the morphology were investigated in eight cross-sections with a total of 17 monitoring points.


Year: 2003

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