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Shore Protection Works on Romanian Coastline of the Black Sea. A Case Study for the Southern Zone of the Mamaia Beach

Author(s): M. Popescu; A. Simbotin; P. Vlase

Linked Author(s): Mihail Popescu, Paul Vlase

Keywords: Beach erosion; Morphological process; Shore protection; Hydraulic model

Abstract: The Black Sea has a total coastline length approximately 4,000 km, out of which 210 km is Romanian coastline. Today, the Romanian seashore is characterised by the generalised degradation of the main environmental components like pollution of coastal water, biocenosis modification and beach erosion. Field observations and measurements on Romanian coastline have shown a strong degradation evolution due to the beach erosion. In the paper, the Romanian shoreline evolution is analyzed. The reasons of seashore degradation and the means for stopping these phenomena and for beach rehabilitation, which were applied lately, are described. Also, a graphical method and a mathematical model, able to simulate morphological beach processes in the presence of the protection works, are presented in the paper. A case study for the southern zone of the Mamaia beach is presented. Due to protection works adopted for this zone (works based on experimental and numerical studies) the beach erosion was locally stopped. Considering the obtained results, the paper stresses the need to carry out both theoretical and experimental studies. In this way, it is possible to evaluate correctly the emplacement and the dimensions of the protection works.


Year: 2003

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