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The Use of Questionnaire Survey in Sustainable Coastal Management: Implementation in Strymonas River Estuary

Author(s): S. Economou; A. Guitonas

Linked Author(s): Stathis Economou

Keywords: Integrated coastal management; Questionnaire survey research; Strymonas Estuary

Abstract: Coastal zones are of vital importance, especially for a country like Greece with total shoreline of 15,000 kilometers, as they include some of the most productive and important habitats of the biosphere, and they enhance the development of a variety of human activities that are related to industrial and agricultural activities, tourism, construction of harbours, urban development, fisheries etc. Consequently, they suffer from pollution deriving from the above-mentioned activities and they are extremely vulnerable as pollution comes from both land and sea. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Programmes can be the solution for an effective development of the coastal areas with the aim of sustainable criteria. They can set a framework of proposed action and set targets, and together with legislation and other tools of environmental management, protect and enhance the environment of the coastal areaa. One important aspect of ICZM is public participation of all coastal stakeholders, which as discussed in the paper, can be developed with the results of a questionnaire survey. A survey like this has already been implemented in the area of Strymonas Estuary and its results are discussed further on.


Year: 2003

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