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Hydraulic Characteristics of Seawater Exchange Breakwater with an L-Shaped Channel

Author(s): C. Lee; D. S. Lee

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Keywords: Seawater exchange breakwater; Resonance; Hydrodynamic prediction; Hydraulic experiment; Regular and irregular waves

Abstract: The resonance period of the L-shaped channel in the caisson is predicted analytically for the seawater exchange breakwater of Lee et al. (1999). Hydraulic experiments are conducted for a composite breakwater with a rear reservoir that is one of the seawater exchange breakwaters developed by them. For regular waves, the water surface elevation in the channel and the flow rate through the breakwater are measured. For irregular waves, the flow rate through the breakwater and the reflection coefficient on the breakwater are measured. The resonant maximum values in both the surface elevation and the flow rate and the resonant minimum values in the reflection coefficient are all at wave periods slightly longer than analytically predicted one. The measured resonance period for irregular waves is closer to the predicted one than for regular waves. If the resonance period of the L-shaped channel is fitted to the dominant period of incident waves, there would be high efficiency of seawater exchange between inside and outside the harbor.


Year: 2003

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