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Design and Optimization Program for Internal Diffuser Hydraulics

Author(s): T. Bleninger; G. H. Jirka; G. Lipari

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Keywords: Multiport diffuser; Discharge distribution; Design optimization; Ports; Risersduckbill valves

Abstract: A computer program for the calculation of the internal hydraulics of outfalls in form of multiport diffusers is developed and applied to different geometric configurations in different environments. The program calculates the velocities, pressures, head losses and flow rates inside the diffuser pipe and especially at the diffuser port orifices. Possible geometries consider simple ports, high risers, duckbill valves and more complex discharge configurations, as well as various supply pipe configurations. The calculation is based on the application of the continuity and work-energy equations between the ambient fluid at the discharge points and the effluent inside the diffuser pipe. Calculations show the sensitivity of the geometric manifold features on the discharge profile and the head losses. Further analysis aims at the design and optimization of the diffuser structure under different ambient and discharge conditions. The overall design objective is a balanced flow distribution under most operational conditions with minimized energy losses.


Year: 2003

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