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Influence of a Detached Structure on Sediment Transport in the Coastal Zone

Author(s): A. Militeev; A. M. Proudovsky; V. V. Rodionov

Linked Author(s): Vladimir Kupriyanov

Keywords: Mathematical model; Three-dimensional equations of shallow water; Radiation stress tensor; Sediment; Boundary conditions; Lithodynamic regime

Abstract: The Paper presents the information on sediment movement in the coastal zone. During the storm it becomes intensive as a result of waves' influence on soils of underwater slope. A three-dimensional mathematical model for estimation of sediment discharge in the coastal zone of seas and oceans is introduced. The influence on sediment movement from location of hydraulic engineering structures and intake of cooling circulating water for a thermal or nuclear power station is computed. It is introduced the concept of “essential” wave. Such a wave induces the maximal sediment discharge. When it is occurred between the coast and marine structure, the latter practically does not have any influence on the total sediment load.


Year: 2003

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