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Unsteady Flow Modelling of Sediment Transport

Author(s): F. Yazdandoost

Linked Author(s): Farhad Yazdandoost

Keywords: Unsteady flow; Numerical modelling; Sediment transport simulation; Open channel flow

Abstract: Investigation of sediment transport phenomenon has been an important part of hydraulic analysis of open channel flows. However, greater emphasis must been placed when this phenomenon is considered in the case of flood flow analysis. Simulation and modelling under simplified steady state conditions may provide the initial estimates but can often be misleading when assessing the final conditions after complete period of flooding. The results of mathematical modeling of unsteady flow conditions coupled with specific sediment transport relationships are presented here. Simultaneous solutions of the de Saint Venant equations with three different transport relationships, namely Engelund-Hansen equation, Graf equation and an empirical equation were found in the process of mathematical modeling. The results obtained from the FLUVIAL12 program under the same input conditions and reasonable correlation was observed. The coupled method for simultaneous solution of the equations in obtaining a higher degree of accuracy, possibility of introduction of any desired transport equation into the model, possibility of introducing any boundary conditions into the model alongside a complete unsteady flow modeling are some of the advantages of the procedures adopted.


Year: 2003

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