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A High-Resolution Finite-Volume TVD Scheme for Open Channel Flows

Author(s): G. F. Lin; J. S. Lai; W. D. Guo

Linked Author(s): Gwo-Fong Lin

Keywords: High-resolution finite-volume TVD scheme; Open channel flows; Direct MUSCL-Hancock slope limiter method

Abstract: A high-resolution finite-volume TVD scheme is proposed for simulating the open channel flows. The scheme is implemented in the framework of the finite volume method. High spatial resolution is achieved by employing the direct MUSCL-Hancock (DMH) slope limiter method and the van Leer flux-vector splitting for the flux evaluations at each cell interface. The proposed scheme is verified through the simulations of the 1D dam-break and the 2D oblique hydraulic jump problems. It is demonstrated that the proposed scheme is accurate and efficient. Four limiter functions are adopted to ensure the TVD constraint. The simulated results show that the Superbee limiter has the best numerical accuracy, while the van leer limiter has the best computational efficiency among four limiter functions.


Year: 2003

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