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Study on the Historical Evolution of Water Environment in the Hai River Basin

Author(s): K. Y. Zhou; X. M. Tan; L. X. Wang

Linked Author(s): Lianxiang Wang

Keywords: Hai River basin; Water environment evolution; Human activity; Yellow river divagation; Climate influence

Abstract: The authors studied historical documents about natural variation and human activity and their impacts on water environment evolution in the Hai River basin in the last 2,000 years. Conclusions are as follows: the Hai River water environment was closely influenced by the Yellow River divagation, greatly impacted by human activities and little related with climatic change; in the Chinese history, grain transfer from south to north via the Grand Canal through the Hai River basin had been practiced for hundreds of years, which essentially played a function of water transfer from south to north; during the Song Dynasty lots of lakes were set up by means of hydraulic engineering measures for more than 100 years, to which the reservoirs built in the 20t h century had similar capacity. Historical lessons are useful to make a plan for improving and rehabilitating the water environment of the Hai River system.


Year: 2003

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