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Deposition of Fine Suspended Sedim Ent in a Gravelbed Flow

Author(s): Xin Huang

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Abstract: Observations have shown that accumulation of fine sediment in the pores of spawning gravel have a detrimental effect on stream biota (Iwamoto et al., 1978). The rate of deposition is intimately linked to the concentration of suspended fines near the gravel bed (Einstein, 1968). The vertical diffusivity of the suspended particles approximately equals the vertical eddy diffusivity of the fluid when the particles are not too large and the concentration is not too high (Coleman, 1970). In this paper, a simple method is proposed to predict analytically the concentration profile and transport of fine suspended sediment when a steady, uniform suspension flows from a sediment-covered bed to an open-work gravel bed. Comparisons with previous laboratory observations show reasonable agreement.


Year: 1997

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