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Contaminated Density Currents in a Stratified Reservoir

Author(s): Sewoong Chung

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Abstract: A two-dimensional (2-D), laterally averaged hydrodynamic and water quality model (CE-QUAL-W2) is employed to simulate the behavior of contaminated density currents in the Shasta Reservoir after a chemical spill into the Sacramento River, California. Mixing and transport of spilled chemicals under various flow regimes in the temperature-stratified reservoir are analyzed in details using numerical simulations of flow velocities, water temperatures and contaminant concentrations. Three flow regimes (plunging flow, underflow and interflow) and their occurrence are captured by the 2-D model. Simulation results are compared with field data obtained during the emergency response to the spill. The results can assist in data collection, contaminant control during emergency response, and remediation management after a spill.


Year: 1997

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