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Solute Dispersion and Migration in Unsaturated Porous Media Under Different Hydraulic and Atmospheric Conditions

Author(s): Kuniaki Sato; Teruyuki Fukuhara

Linked Author(s): Kuniaki Sato

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Abstract: Solute dispersion and migration in unsaturated porous media are studied experimentally and numerically under different hydraulic and atmospheric conditions. The experiments are classified into (1) solute transfer due to infiltrating process and leaching process in unsaturated soil column, (2) upward migration and condensation of solute due to heat radiation in unsaturated zone, and (3) photograph ic observation of non-uniform solute penetration in a thin porous medium box. The dispersion coefficients of solute in unsaturated states are determined using many experimental results, and the reality of solute penetration is disclosed. Some of upward migration and condensation of solutes are simulated according to convective transport equation with temperature gradient. The relationshi ps between dispersion coefficient and Reynolds number in unsaturated porous media are iluminated, and a numerical method for simulating solute transport under atmospheric heat radiation in unsaturated soil is proposed.


Year: 1997

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