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Dam Foundation Erosion: Numerical Modeling

Author(s): George W. Annandale; Todd Lewis; Rod Witler; Steve Abt; Jim Ruff

Linked Author(s): George Annandale

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Abstract: This paper summarizes the numerical model for simulating dam foundation erosion downstream of overtopping dams. The model will have the ability to simulate scour of resistant earth materials such as rock. The relative ability of rock to resist erosion is quantified by making use of the Erodibility Index Method (Annandale, 1995), and the relative magnitude of the erosive power of water is quantified by the rate of energy dissipation. The conceptual approach of the model is described, followed by a summary of the Erodibility Index and the method used to calculate the rate of energy dissipation of plunging jets.


Year: 1997

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