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A Network Operation of Reservoirs for Enhancement of the Ecological Flushing Discharge

Author(s): Nobuyuki Tamai; Yoshi Emura; Hironori Matsuzaki

Linked Author(s): Nobuyuki Tamai, Hironori Matsuzaki

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Abstract: Water supply of Tokyo Metropolis is heavily dependent on water transfer from the Tonegawa River basin. The Tonegawa River serves as a major source of water for south part of the Kanto region where total population amounts to 32 millions. Main eight multipurpose reservoirs are all located in the upstream catchment of the Tonegawa River basin. In recent years, environmental and ecological aspects of reservoir construction and operation have attracted higher and higher concern. Special attention should be paid to ecosystem in rivers. It is necessary for benthos in rivers to flush silt deposited on cobbles according to experiences of ecologists and inland fishermen. This discharge which keeps desirable condition of substrate is called ecological flushing discharge in this paper. The purpose of this study is to derive a network operation rule among the reservoirs in order to enhance instream flow to provide the ecological flushing discharge in the upper Tonegawa River basin.


Year: 1997

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