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Probability Concepts in Sediment Transport Mechanics

Author(s): Fabian Lopez; Marcelo Garcia

Linked Author(s): Marcelo García

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Abstract: It is shown how some basic probability tools may help in the characterization of the turbulent processes involved in the mechanics of sediment transport. Both the initiation of sediment motion and the threshold for sediment suspension are analyzed in a stochastic frame of work. Iso-risk curves are constructed based upon some minimum experimental information. The well-known Shields' curve is shown to correspond to an erosion risk of approximately 40%. These concepts are believed to be of importance for the design of movable-bed channels, as well as for future experimental investigations, which are indeed necessary for computing the risk for higher values of the particle Reynolds number. The proposed approach provides also a useful tool to assess the risk of contaminated sediment resuspension.


Year: 1997

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