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Linear Analysis of Coupled Equations for Sediment Transport

Author(s): Yantao Cui; Gary Parker

Linked Author(s): Yantao Cui, Gary Parker

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Abstract: A number of stability analyses have been performed to study the one-dimensional St Venant and Exner equations over an erodible bed (e.g. de Vries, 1965; Gradowczyk, 1968; Lai, 1991; Sloff, 1993). Typically such analyses are used to find instabilities resulting in the spontaneous formation of bedforms. In an unmodified model, all disturbances associated with the bed celerity are stable. Here such a model is reanalyzed in light of the recent interesting results of Lisle et al. (1996), who found that a long hump introduced into a river may disperse in place rather than translate either downstream or upstream. The conditions under which dispersion dominates translation are analyzed here in terms of a fully coupled linear model.


Year: 1997

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