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Mixing of Pollutant Constituent in a Compound Channel

Author(s): Danilo T. Jaque; James E. Ball

Linked Author(s): James Ball, Danilo Jaque

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Abstract: Liquid wastes containing chemical, biological and physical constituents are discharged into flowing streams which dilute and disperse the pollutant constituents. The most common and economical form of disposal is through a side discharge over the full water depth. Experimental investigation has been conducted on the flow hydrodynamics and the mixing of a neutrally buoyant pollutant constituent in the nearfield region of a compound open channel. The investigation was restricted to the case of a side channel discharging perpendicularly into a compound open channel. The measured data were correlated using suitable characteristic length scales and relationships were obtained for both the jet trajectory and the dilution of pollutant constituents along the centerline trajectory.


Year: 1995

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