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Instantaneous Shear Stress on the Bed in a Turbulent Open Channel Flow

Author(s): A. Keshavarzy; James E. Ball

Linked Author(s): James Ball

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Abstract: The entrainment of sediment from a bed of an open channel is a function of mean shear stress and instantaneous shear stress. The importance of the sweep event on sediment motion from the bed has been reported by many researchers. In this study, the shear stress of the sweep event was investigated in open channel flow with a rough bed. The instantaneous velocities of flow were measured in a laboratory flume using a small electromagnetic velocity meter and the magnitude of forces on the bed determined. The analysis of data showed that in sweep events, the mean shear stress is approximately more than two times the total time averaged Reynolds shear stress. The mean angle of the sweep events with the bed was determined also and found to be about 28° from the main direction of the flow toward the bed. The results presented form part of a major study into the turbulence and sediment transport in open channels. HYDRA 2000 (Vol. 1). Thomas Telford, London, 1995


Year: 1995

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