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Optimal Utilization Plan of Groundwater Resource in North-West Area of Northern Kanto Basin, Japan

Author(s): Nguyen Van Hoang; Kuniaki Sato

Linked Author(s): Kuniaki Sato

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Abstract: A t present the priority of m easures for the land subsidence is placed on the land subsidence prevention in three areas: Chikugo-Saga basin, Nobi basin and Northern Kanto basin specified by the governm ent. This paper is focused on an optim al utilization plan of groundw ater resource in a north-w est area of the Northern Kanto basin. The plan is supported by coupled groundw ater sim ulation w ith linear program m ing in optim al pum ping volum e and quality in a m ulti-layered aauifer system. The results show that the total optim al pum ping discharge is 1.152 m illion m ~3/day, which is 0.367 million m~3/day (24%) less than the present discharge 1.519 m~3/day, the originally polluted quality of nitrate in aquifer A and B is predicted to be below 10.0 mg/l (Japanese drinking water standard) after 1~6 m onths and0.5~2 years, respectively.


Year: 1995

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