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Classification of Arctic River Mouths and Regularities of Currents in Ice- Covered Estuaries

Author(s): E. Dolgopolova; M. Mikhailova

Linked Author(s): Elena Dolgopolova

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Abstract: The main hydrological and morphological features of the Arctic river mouth areas are discussed. Four types of the Arctic river mouth areas (simple, estuarine, estuarine-deltaic, and deltaic) are distinguished. It is shown that the type of river mouth area depends on the character of the nearshore zone (semi-enclosed or open) and existence of delta. It is established that the water, thermic and ice regimes of the arctic river mouths are determined by regional climate, morphological and hydrological type of the river mouth area, regime of the river and coastal zone of the ocean. Mouth areas of large rivers of Russian Arctic (the Onega, Severnaya Dvina, Kuloy, Mezen, Pechora, Ob, Nadym, Pur, Taz, Yenisei, Khatanga, Anabar, Olenyek, Lena, Yana, Indigirka, and Kolyma rivers) are studied. Characteristic features of formation of structure of ice-covered flows under different tide conditions are considered. Influence of tides and type of a river mouth area on the processes of mixing and salt water intrusion at the river mouth are discussed.


Year: 2008

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