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Instrumentation: A Customizable Open-Source PIV Software Platform

Author(s): Luis Mendes, Ana Ricardo, Rui M.L. Ferreira

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Keywords: Particle Imaging Velocimetry; High Performance Computing; object-oriented; velocimetry; customizable; HydroSenSoft


This paper presents a new customizable object-oriented open-source PIV software platform, QuickLab PIV-ng. It was developed under a free license for the academic community and supporting main operating systems/architectures. It aims at providing a more performant software by leveraging High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques, while being user-friendly through means of a Graphical User Interface (GUI), having software design concerns from the ground up, thus, making it an extensible/modifiable platform and supported by documentation. Software implementation is available for scrutiny, such that the exact implementation and the trade-offs between performance and quality are clear for the end user. 

The performance of QuickLab PIV-ng is tested through benchmark tests (from the 2014 PIV challenge) and by comparing its results with theoretical values. QuickLab PIV-ng provides a reference implementation that can be easily modified or extended to accommodate customizations and improvements, or simply to evaluate new PIV methods, without the need of having to write an application from scratch. 


Year: 2019

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