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Instrumentation: A New Conductance-Based Profiler for Sensing Sedimentation Processes

Author(s): L. Corredor-Garcia, A. Nichols

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Keywords: interface estimation; sediment depth; conductance; multiphase media; water sensor; HydroSenSoft


This paper presents the first examination to the use of a novel sensing technique, and apparatus, designed to simultaneously measure the depths and composition of sediment and flow within sewer conduits, based on the electrodynamic properties of multiphase media. The device consists of an array of 32 printed electrodes, forming 31 twin probes, of increasing lengths. The relative conductance of adjacent probes provides an analytically-proven profile of conductance vs submergence, from which the interfaces between sediment, water and air can be calculated. Having tested the instrument for different configurations of water and sediment, the interfaces were calculated to within errors of 2% of the measured depths, which are expected to decrease if resolution is enhanced (i.e. more electrodes). Further, it is shown that in addition to interfaces, estimates of sediment and water composition may be inferred. The proposed device is remarkably inexpensive and versatile, therefore, it could provide a new tool for the accurate quantification of sediment and flow properties in sewer conduits, coastal environments and several other applications. 


Year: 2019

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