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Experimental Methods: Application of Multi-Platform Lidar in Engineering Survey and Design of Pumped Storage Power Station

Author(s): ChangJiang Zhou, JinPing Xie and YongBo Liu

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Keywords: photogrammatry; engineering; laser radar; lidar


Based on the problems, such as difficulty in layout of photogrammetric control-points, poor elevation accuracy, long project period, etc., from the traditional aero-photogrammetry adopted for the engineering survey for pumped-storage power station, considering that the common engineering environment of pumped-storage power station project is characterized by large topographic fluctuation, high vegetation coverage, complex climate and inconvenient traffic, etc., combined with the technical features, advantages and application conditions of different platform lidar, this paper mainly introduces the integrated data acquisition mode of "air and ground" of laser radar with different size and different space to obtain the lidar point-cloud and image data, and carries out the standardized process design, expounds multi-source data fusion technology how to achieve the topographic information and mapping of land surface in the covered area with large topographic fluctuation and dense vegetation. Through project practice proved that the multi-platform laser radar in the application of pumped storage power station, can guarantee the integrity of the data collection and accuracy, improve the precision of elevation measurement results, improve the measurement efficiency, save production time and cost, have the good social and economic benefits.


Year: 2019

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