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Experimental Methods: Developing Post Processing Software ADV-PP for ADV Data

Author(s): Jongmin Kim and Hyungsuk Kim

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Keywords: ADV; Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter; Sontek micro-ADV; Nortek Vectrino


ADV(Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) has been widely used to estimate discharge and to analyze turbulent flow in a natural river. This has been also used for flume experiments to obtain detailed data for validating and calibrating numerical models. The representative instruments used in Korea are a Sontek micro-ADV and Nortek Vectrino. In order to estimate the discharge using ADV, the filtering of data is essential to ensure the quality of the results. The primary data is a time series of three-dimensional velocity components and the sampling frequency is normally varied from 25 Hz to 50 Hz. Therefore, it is used not only for calculation of hydraulic quantity but also for turbulence analysis for various purpose. Discharge calculation by current meter is performed by ISO standard(ISO 748, 2007). ADV measurement data also apply this standard. ISO standard provide not only discharge calculation but also uncertainty of discharge calculation. ADV-PP have to calculate hydraulic, turbulence quantities, discharge and uncertainty of discharge modules for post processing ADV data.


Year: 2019

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