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Experimental Methods: Development of a Smart Multiparametric Probe for Real Time Stormwater Monitoring and Early Warning System

Author(s): Stefano Biondi, Michele Arnoffi, Filippo Catelani

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Keywords: Stormwater runoff; spills management; monitoring; real time; infrastructures


The present paper presents a matured experience through a process of several years in the stormwater runoff quality continuous monitoring system finalized to develop of an early warning and spills management system, also useful for stormwater treatment plants and planning and scheduling of maintenance activities. The concept was to collect data by monitoring stormwater runoff and other parameters such as temperature, intensity and duration of rain events and site specific anthropic activities to investigate the behavior of the stormwater runoff quality over time in order to detect accidental pollution events. 

After an initial research phase, a network of real scale pilot plants were realized in a highway infrastructure and in port areas in order to study in a long term period the behavior of the probes in different locations. This time extensive monitoring phase was useful to design a reliable patented system called Swerm®for spills management that has been widely installed and tested in a big highway infrastructure project in the Veneto Region. The experience gained during this big project leads to further improvements of the monitoring system, finalized to improve the global reliability of the system, reduce energy consumption and reduce size and dimensions. The final step of the research and product optimization is oriented to the design of a one body integrated monitoring system with an integrated intelligence that manages different probes and sensors eliminating the need of an external PLC.


Year: 2019

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