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Experimental Methods: Image Based Bed Material Mapping of Large River

Author(s): Alexander Anatol Ermilov, Sándor Baranya and Gergely T. Török

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Keywords: image-based; underwater; bed material; mapping; grainsize distribution.


This paper introduces a bed material mapping methodology, which could later be applied to redound map kind of information instead of point data, utilizing an image-based analysis. In this method, a camera, lowered to right above the river bed, provides a video of the study riverbed section, from which the images are extracted and analysed with a suitable post-processing software. The paper introduces the first set of results, comparing local GSD curves produced from the image- based method with grainsize distributions resulted by conventional sieving analysis. Furthermore, theoretical differences between the grain size information from the two methods, i.e. volume vs. surface distributions, are discussed. Attempt is made to change the image-based surface results to volumetric for better comparison with sieving. On the right side, the resulted image-based and transformed grainsize distributions are compared to the sieving result. Also, recommendations are given for further developments of the image-based method, learning from the drawbacks of the first field experiences, which were performedin the Hungarian section of the Danube River. 


Year: 2019

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