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Novel Ice Induced Vibration Testing in a Large-Scale Facility: Deciphering Ice Induced Vibrations, Part 1

Author(s): M. Maattanen; S. Loset; A. Metrikine; K. -U. Evers; H. Hendrikse; C. Lonoy; I. Metrikin; T. Nord; S. Sukhorukov

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Abstract: Interest to understand dynamic ice structure interaction and to develop theoretical simulation models has increased significantly lately. However, the background data on both the full-scale or even scale-model measurements is scarce and in some cases incompletely documented. To cover this pitfall the Norwegian University of Science and Technology initiated a project DIIV, Deciphering Ice Induced Vibrations, at the beginning of 2011. The objectives were defined to design and manufacture an adaptable test set-up, to conduct scale-model tests in the EUHYDRALAB Transnational Access Program, and analyze results. Systematic variation of the most important structure and ice parameters allows finding out their contribution to the dynamic ice-structure interaction, and especially to the frequency lock-in vibrations. The measurement program included a test matrix with varying ice mechanical properties, ice velocity, structure waterline diameter, surface roughness, structure compliance, natural frequencies, and as a fresh approach – an analogy to vortex shedding testing – a forced sinusoidal ice crusher movement superposed to the ice velocity. This paper describes the design of the test set-up, instrumentation and calibration, conducted tests, and general findings. Deciphering Ice Induced Vibrations Parts 2 and 3 in this 21st IAHR Symposium on Ice present more detailed analysis procedures and some initial results.


Year: 2012

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