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A Spectral Model for Simulating Continuous Crushing Ice Load

Author(s): Fengwei Guo

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Abstract: Based on analysis of a set of typical time series of continuous crushing interaction events, a spectral model is developed for the purpose of simulating continuous crushing ice loads acting on vertical structures. The power spectral density of the ice load is expressed in dimensionless form, and decays exponentially versus dimensionless frequency. The model has only two input parameters and is relatively easy to apply. Spatial "non-simultaneous" crushing effects over the face of the structure are taken into account by introducing a characteristic width, over which crushing is assumed to occur simultaneously and with perfect correlation, while the crushing load at any point outside this characteristic width is considered statistically independent from the crushing load at any point inside the characteristic width. The face of the structure may then be subdivided into a number of segments each of which has a width approximately equal to the characteristic width. For each local segment, an independent continuous crushing ice load time series is simulated and applied over the segment. The structural response under continuous crushing is then obtained as the response under the sum of the statistically independent local loads. The local loads may be applied to a finite element model. Based on the measured time series (but also on the limitations of their spatial resolution), a correlation width of about 2 m is recommended here.


Year: 2012

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