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The Effect of Heave, Pitch and Roll Motions to Ice Performance of Ships

Author(s): Xiang Tan; Biao Su; Kaj Riska; Torgeir Moan

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Abstract: The speed requirement for ship operating in given ice conditions is an important subject for the design of ice-going ships. Ship-ice interaction is a continuous process during which ship motions and breaking of ice affect each other. Previously, a numerical model was developed by Su et al. (2010) to simulate the repetitive icebreaking process by accounting for ship's motions in the surge, sway and yaw directions. Since ships experience motions with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF), it is of interest to include the effect of ship motions in heave, roll and pitch on the icebreaking pattern and ship's performance in ice. In this paper a numerical model is developed by extending the previous planar model to a 6-DOF model. Fully coupled motions of the ship are considered in 6 DOFs together with the corresponding environmental forces. The coupling between ship's movement and the breaking of ice is solved in time domain step by step with updating of ice edge. Time series of load components and ship motions are obtained correspondingly. Numerical simulations of the icebreaker Tor Viking II are conducted. The effect of breaking pattern-ship motion interaction is investigated. Results on performance are compared with results from the previous planar model as well as field data.


Year: 2012

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