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Comprehensive Numerical Simulations of a Tanker Collision with a Bergy Bit Incorporating Damage to the Vessel

Author(s): R. E. Gagnon; J. Wang

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Abstract: Numerical simulations of a collision between a loaded tanker and a bergy bit have been conducted using LS-DynaTM software. The simulation incorporated hydrodynamics, via LSDyna's ALE formulation, and a validated crushable foam ice model. The major portion of the vessel was treated as a rigid body and a section of the hull, located on the starboard side of the forward bow where the ice contact occurred, was modeled as typical ship grillage that could deform and sustain damage as a result of the collision. Strategies for dealing with the highly varying mesh densities needed for the simulation are discussed as well as load and pressure distribution throughout the course of the collision. Realistic movement of the bergy bit due to the vessel's bow wave prior to contact with the ice was observed and the damage to the grillage in the initial stage of the collision resembled results from actual grillage damage tests in the lab. The collision eventually ruptured the hull in a ripping fashion resembling documented incidents.


Year: 2012

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