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Full-Scale 3D CFD Simulation of Spray Impingement on a Vessel Produced by Ship-Wave Interaction

Author(s): Anton Kulyakhtin; Olga Shipilova; Bradd Libby; Sveinung Loset

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Abstract: This paper presents full-scale simulations of spray flow and its interaction with the hull and superstructure of a ship. Simulations are performed for one particular vessel, which was also chosen for future measurements of the spray properties produced by ship-wave interaction. Particular areas of equipment installation are of special interest. All of the simulations are conducted in ANSYS FLUENT using a mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian approach. The output of the simulations is the distribution of spray flow rate per unit area on the vessel surface. In the current work, ship dynamics are not included in the model. To estimate the generated spray, the empirical equation for the liquid water content of the droplet cloud in front of the ship is used. The model for the spray flow neglects thermodynamics and interactions between droplets. However, it accounts for the air flow field around the vessel, which is calculated using the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes approach. The main goal of this paper is to demonstrate the potential of computational fluid dynamics to improve the prediction of icing rates via accurate spray flow calculations. The calculations are performed for several wind speeds, and the spray droplet size distribution is described by two different approaches: using one representative droplet size for the whole cloud and dividing the droplet size distribution into bins, each of which represents one droplet size.


Year: 2012

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