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Ice Season on Lake Kilpisjarvi in Arctic Tundra

Author(s): Matti Lepparanta; Kunio Shirawawa; Toru Takatsuka

Linked Author(s): Matti Leppäranta

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Abstract: Lake Kilpisjarvi (Gilbbesjavri) is located in the northwestern corner of Finnish Lapland at 69°03'N 20°50'E, 473 m above sea level and about 60 km from the shore of the North Atlantic Ocean. The surface area is 37.1 km2, and the average and maximum depths are 19.5 m and 57 m, respectively. Long-term ice phenology time series of Lake Kilpisjarvi, available from 1952, show mean freezing and breakup dates of November 8th and June 18th, respectively. The freezing date has delayed by 2.3 days per decade but the ice breakup date does not show a significant change. A two-year field study was performed in this lake in 2007–2009 with data collected of ice, snow and weather conditions with an automatic ice station in the lake. The heat budget together with ice structure, growth and melting is analysed. It was dominated by the radiation balance. Turbulent heat fluxes were also large (in absolute values) before freeze-up in fall, but in the ice season they were small except that occasionally sensible heat flux was large. The latent heat released/consumed in ice growth/melting corresponded well the measured surface heat balance.


Year: 2012

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