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The Evolution and Analysis of Ice Regime in Front of the Dam of Fengman Reservoir

Author(s): Youcai Tuo; Jia Li; Yun Deng; Kefeng Li; Zhiguo Liu

Linked Author(s): Yun DENG

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Abstract: Based on the historical ice regime data in front of the dam of Fengman reservoir, this paper mainly describes the evolution of ice regime. And with the synchronous materials of the reservoir's regulation, weather and water temperature, it also analyzes the relativity of the closing-river date, reservoir water levels and accumulated negative temperature, and the relativity of the opening-river date, the biggest ice thickness, accumulated temperature and the reservoir water level changing rate, by the correlation coefficient method. And it also discusses the vertical water temperature structure variation before and after the reservoir gets frozen. The research results have an important reference value for studying the evolution of reservoir ice regime in cold regions and guiding ice regime forecast.


Year: 2012

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