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Ice Erosion of the Amur River Banks

Author(s): V. I. Kim; N. Makhinov

Linked Author(s): Vladimir Kim

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Abstract: The ice regime in the Middle and Lower Amur is very specific and ice plays a significant role in river bank erosion, transport of big debris, riverbed erosion and redistribution of water flow between the sub-channels. Numerous traces of various ice effects on the river banks and its floodplain are revealed and described. Observations of developing sub-channels of the Amur River, undertaken near the City of Khabarovsk, revealed significant riverbed erosion in winter. River bank washing out accelerates due to the operation of big hydropower stations on the Amur tributaries. Water flow redistribution between Amur sub-channels near Khabarovsk changed the river regime significantly and made urgent the elaboration of various hydrological-regime improving measures.


Year: 2012

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