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The Multipoint Monitoring System for River Ice Thickness Based on Zigbee

Author(s): Xiaohui Huang; Jianmin Qin

Linked Author(s): Jianmin Qin

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Abstract: In order to solve the multipoint monitoring's problem of the ice condition of the Yellow River, this paper recommends a design plan based on Zigbee technology. Firstly, this thesis introduces the system architecture and working principle of the Ice Thickness Sensor. Then, CC2430, the Zigbee chip from TI is employed to design the wireless data transmission module and construct the wireless sensor network (WSN) for data transmission and collection of all Ice Thickness Sensor. Wireless communication between the sensor nodes and the base-station of river bank is realized with IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee standard, and the base-station of river bank and the remote monitoring center are connect in the GPRS modem, which transmits the data of all Ice Thickness Sensor to the remote monitoring center. The method for transmitting data by use of Zigbee technology is featured with low consumption, short time delay, small size, less investment, high security, strong flexibility, etc. It has excellently practical value in monitoring and forecasting ice disasters.


Year: 2012

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