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Winter Time Flow Management for a Long Distance Water Diversion Canal System

Author(s): Xiangpeng Mu; Wenxue Chen; Wei Cui; Baiyinbaoligao; Xiaochen Guo

Linked Author(s): Wenxue Chen, Wei Cui, Xiangpeng Mu

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Abstract: The canal systems in high latitude area are usually operated under ice cover during winter. In the process of ice cover formation and break-up, the change of storage volume of canal pools and other disturbances such as unscheduled withdraw will cause significant variation of flow rate and water level, which may affect the ice cover stability and influence the safe operation of the canal systems. Therefore the control method of canal systems during freezing period is critically important for the safe operation of the systems. The ice process and hydraulic characteristics in a canal system during winter are thoroughly studied by numerical simulations in this paper. The study shows that the canal system should be operated to maintain a constant downstream depth in order to ensure ice cover stability during this period. Considering that the weather condition and ice process are not easy to forecast, a proper feedback control algorithm, that is, a water level-discharge cascade control algorithm, is adopted in the canal control system, and a decoupling method is also applied in the controller for improving the control performance of the canal system. This new control algorithm is applied in the Middle Route of South to North Water Diversion Project of China, and the numerical simulation shows that the control mode for the canal system under ice cover can guarantee safe, timely, and proper water diversion.


Year: 2012

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