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Research on Ice Mechanics Similarity Scale Model Test

Author(s): Enliang Wang; Hua Zhong; Bin Zhang; Junde Chang

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Abstract: The model test on static ice pressure was carried out in low temperature laboratory. Through analyzing the thermodynamic model of ice sheet formation, deriving similarity scale of indoor model test, modeling the true field temperature process. Conclusions: 1) The test lasted 387.4 h, and the maximum ice thickness is 39.8 cm. The simulation of ice freezing process corresponds with the order of nature. The simulation of thawing process is too difficult, owing to Solar Radiation. So the temperature control process need to be improved. 2) The maximum static ice pressure occurs in temperature rising period, which relating to temperature rising rate. The static ice pressure is larger when the rising rate is faster. The static ice pressure reaches to maximum value, when the temperature reaches to 0°C, and then evanesces quickly.


Year: 2012

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