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The Influence of Ice Apron Shape on the Collision Force of Drift Ice

Author(s): Tianlai Yu; Sufeng Zhang; Yongfeng Jia

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Abstract: Using ANSYS / LS-DYNA display dynamic analysis software to establish drift ice and T-bridge structure model, through the deformation coordination and momentum equation to solve collision load, discuss the influence law of the collision force by the closed angle and the front vertical edges dip Angle of tip shape ice apron, the front vertical edges dip angle and the facing ice surface curvature of bow ice apron and present the design parameters advice. The results of the study show that: the front vertical edges dip Angle, the closed angle and bow before the ice surface curvature are the important factors of crash effect. When the closed angle increased from 45°to 130°, drift ice collision force and the closed angle are in a linear relationship; When increased from 130° to 150°, the collision force has a sharp increase; When more than 150°, the collision force is almost the same. The front vertical edges dip Angle affect the damage form of drift ice and make the ice show vertical fracture, transition state and bend destructive form; drift ice collision force decreases with the facing ice surface curvature of bow ice apron increase; when it is hemicycle, the drift ice force is the minimum; the crashworthiness effect of tip shape ice apron is far better than the effect of bow ice apron.


Year: 2012

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