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Characteristics of Ice Regime in the Upper Yellow River in the Last Ten Years

Author(s): Suqiu Rao; Tequn Yang; Jifeng Liu; Donglin Chen

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Abstract: The characteristics of ice regime have changed significantly on the upper Yellow River in the last ten years due to climate change and human activities. The position of initial freeze-up located the downstream compare with former and frequency of freeze-up and break-up in same ice season occurred on the Ningxia reach. The water level at Sanhuhekou reached the highest record in history many times. The smaller discharge due to freeze-up lasts longer time at Toudaoguai and more water storage has been kept in channel after freeze-up. The characteristic change of ice regime in last ten years has not only been related to climate change but also to human activities. We should focus on the ice regime change of the Upper Yellow River in future because of its serious impacts on local people’s life and economic development.


Year: 2012

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