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Impact of River Crossing Bridges on Ice Run of the Yellow River

Author(s): Puqing Wang; Shuhui Qiu

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Abstract: This paper analyzes the impacts of bridge construction on the ice jam formation, backwater conditions, and ice run in the river reach of the bridge site, based on the model test of the Yellow River extra-long bridge site. Through the ice run period test in typical years of 2005, the test results before and after the construction of the bridge shown that ice jam formation mainly depends on the factors such as river channel boundary conditions, flow conditions, and ice discharge, etc. In the tested reaches, ice jam may be generated from Sandaota (WD62 Section), Transport and Cement Plant (WD62 Section) to the WD54 section downstream of the bridge. Ice jam is more likely to form in Niulongwan which is at the upstream of bridge site with larger influencing range. The ice jam is located at the upstream 3.2–5.5 km from the bridge. Ice jam and backwater length of the ice jam is 8.2 km. The thickness of the ice jam is 7.21 m. Ice jam and backwater duration is 2.8 days.


Year: 2012

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