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A Field Study of Flow Capacity Under Ice in the Toudaoguai Section of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia

Author(s): Baosen Zhang; Lukai Xu; Xuandong Yang

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Abstract: This paper described a method which is used H-ADCP to monitor the flow under ice in the Toudaoguai section of Yellow River in Inner Mongolia and discussed it's feasibility. The result which was using traditional flow measurement method is consistent with the result by using HADCP. Vertical flow velocity distribution present parabola distribution. The new method used the numerical method for flow calculation. The river section chose really surveyed profiles and the data need not to be calibrated. This experiment will choose Toudaoguai section which was in inner Mongolia section of Yellow River to install the H-ADCP automatic monitoring system for monitoring the below ice flow. Through it, we could not only measure velocities all-weather under the ice in the frozen period, but also forecast the formation of ice dam in unfrozen period. So we could solve manual measurement problems.


Year: 2012

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